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Freights are the way to go these days if you have a hunger for rolling steel. Passenger trains are exciting, but for those who wish to spend a lil’ time taking in the smell off greasy steel and train rocks while occasionally gazing up at the moon and feeling like the night is yours, freights are really something special.

With a portfolio of freight cars that could tell 100 stories, Canada’s TARS knows this more than most. This guy has the hunger for freight yards like a fat guy at a smorgasboard, and clearly has an afinity for the old school arts. Some of these cars take me straight back to ’89 with their clean public lettering, like DMA panels on Melbourne’s old Blue Harris cars. These flicks are truly a feast for the freight lover in all of us –Vilenism.

More: flickr.com/tars_aacrew

Published: 18 July 2012
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Proof that the youth are revolting.

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