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Alonso Alcalde Set: Meraki & Moodboard Map

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Two publications by artist/photographer Alonso Alcalde from Barcelona.

-68 page hardcover book
-Fold out ‘map’

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Get your hands on both Alonso Alcalde book projects in one hit. Two publications: Meraki & My Moodboard Map.

ABOUT Meraki:

MERAKI (me-rah-kee) is a beautifully untranslatable Greek word that embodies a sense of dedication, enthusiasm, and passion – in other words, a labour of love.

68 pages
Size: 266 mm x 195 mm
Full colour

Alonso Alcalde is a visionary who, in the late 90s, left his native Chile to follow his passion and landed in what was then the European Mecca of graffiti: Barcelona.

Trains, abstract graffiti, and photography are an inextricable part of his persona. This hardcover book is published on the occasion of ‘Meraki’, a solo exhibition at Montana Gallery Barcelona in Spain, September 2022. It is a graphic testimony of creativity, explored through limits by an artist who is used to creating in a limitless environment. It presents a vision, a way of life, a fragment of personality.

Alonso Alcalde creates by day and night – on metal, wood, acrylic glass, paper, and most poignantly – on massive metal beasts moving through the dark and fascinating silence of tunnels and trainyards. To bring his work to the gallery, he composes and associates materials with moments, and colours with calligraphy, generating a fusion of technology and art.

Travelling the world, documenting trains, filling his soul with paint. Harnessing all this into a body of work. The night is illuminated by adrenaline. Railways run through cities like the veins of a body, and writers are the blood that runs through them with every heartbeat.

Following the blazing success of his book, ‘Patiperro’, the artist’s latest works are a synthesis that represents his vision of graffiti. He tells this story to bring it closer to a loving, curious, and interested public. Using collages and Drollages™, the artist composes and decomposes. He speaks to the people in the sacred inner circle, and those outside of it, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of his world of spray paint, travel, and companionship.

Published September 2022 by Alonso Alcalde & Montana Gallery Barcelona

ABOUT My Moodboard Map:

“My Mood Board Map is my first step in the odyssey of creating my second book. The form is a classic NYC subway map. All the pictures and artworks are things that inspire me such as collages, photography, trainwriting and architecture as well as my friends who are accomplices in most of my adventures. Also, you find in it a text where I describe and comment the reasons why I want to make another mega project.” –Alonso Alcalde

Writers: Aiver, Cola, Mister, Vino, Week, Glue, Rukus, Flaka, Wamos, Osman, Edward Nightingale, Vents 137, Fcat.

Cities: Sydney, Chicago, Zurich, Barcelona, Lisbon, Warsaw, Stuttgart, Vienna, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Newcastle, Istanbul.

Published 2022 by Alonso Alcalde

Fold Out ‘Map’ Format:
Folded: 100 mm × 220 mm
Open: 1000 mm × 660 mm
Language: English
Paper: Cyclus 90 grs.
Typography: Routine
Manufactured in Catalunya


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 266 × 195 × 20 mm

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