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Banksy Colouring Book: Unofficial

Magnus FredriksenAUD $22.00

Illustrations inspired by the art of Banksy.

40 pages
40 images
Size: 250 mm x 200 mm
ISBN: 9789188369451

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The work of Banksy has captivated generations over the last 20 years. The brilliant comments about politics and the state of the world are thought-provoking for young and old. The fact that we don’t know who the artist is, creates a welcome mysterious dimension at a time when most things are just an Internet search away. As a consequence, we can all claim to be Banksy. Just like V for Vendetta inspired the use of Guy Fawkes masks by participants in street-level protests around the world, we can all be Banksy too and participate in our physical surroundings.

The Banksy Coloring Book is an original colouring book for all ages. A perfect gift to anyone interested in street art and illustration! The Banksy Coloring Book is filled with illustrations inspired by the great art of Banksy. It gives a first taste of how stencils are made and what it takes to master them. Easy and open to anyone. Enjoy!

Published September 2020 by Dokument Press


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Weight 176 g
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 4.5 mm

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