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DECADES vol. 1 1990–2000 Graffiti Writing in Berlin

Peter StelzigAUD $130.00

300+ pages
600+ photographs
290 mm x 230 mm
Text: English and German
135gr. Magno Volume 1.08 Paper
LE-UV Offset Printing
Printed in Germany
ISBN: 9783982307206

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This first volume is the start of a trilogy of books (vol. 2 2000-2010 / vol. 3 2010-2020) presenting 30 years of graffiti in Berlin. With a selection from thousands of photos, a picture of the development of the graffiti subculture in Berlin is created in an authentic way. In addition, a multitude of personal texts by the writers provide an intimate insight into their experiences and perspectives. On the one hand, these texts give a very vivid picture of the life of the Berlin graffiti scene, and on the other hand, they allow the reader to experience the Berlin of days gone by.

The first issue portrays writers and crews between 1990 and 2000. The fall of the Wall can be seen as the prelude to the graffiti boom in Berlin. In its wake, a huge adventure playground opened up for Berlin’s writers, which created the ideal breeding ground for what is today probably the largest and most active graffiti scene in the world due to unresolved police jurisdictions and a partly disoriented adult world. The focus is on the application of graffiti on trains, which is also the subject of most of the pictures and texts in the book, but uncensored private pictures and graffiti on walls are also presented.

This first volume contains portraits with many photos and personal texts or comments of the following graffiti writers and crews: BAS2, BOY, CATS, CHILL, CHIO, DEON, DISNE, DMB, DRUM, FOK, INKA, KEL, KMER, KAMEL, LYTE, ODEM, POET62, REW, RUZD, DSYER, SEKD, SHEK, SOME, STEAK, TFB, TOK, TORCH, TOWN, VDS, WEX and many more.

Also included in the book are mixed chapters with hundreds of photos of many other graffiti writers and crews from the 90s.

Published 2021 by Racoon


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