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Jelly Uppercuts Zine

Michael Krim & Ryan Bread | Paper WorkAUD $36.00

24 colour pages
228 mm x 152 mm (6 x 9 in)
Signed & Numbered
Edition of 200

Sold Out


JELLY UPPERCUTS zine by Michael Krim & Ryan Bread

Everyone wants bread. Even those intolerant to it find a way to consume.

Bread is ass

Bread is cash

Bread is biblical

Two of the longest-standing cultural icons are paying women for being hot, and bread. Is there a perverse fantasy for the two to combine? In my mind. To respect those who shook ass and broke bread before us, Krim and I have created this book for you to dive into your desires. Words by Ryan Bread.

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Weight 64 g
Dimensions 227 × 154 × 3 mm

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