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Lost Walls: A Calligraffiti Journey Through Tunisia

eL SeedAUD $64.00

A calligraffiti journey for French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed.

160 pages
250 images
Size: 260 mm x 209 mm
ISBN: 9783937946481

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Lost or forgotten were the walls that now proudly carry the messages of calligraffiti artist eL Seed. Lost Walls, his first book, beautifully and poetically documents these walls, handpicked during his road trip around Tunisia. Lost Walls is a calligraffiti journey of discovery for eL Seed, who chronicles the painting of 24 walls in four weeks. Inspired by the reaction to his largest project to date, the minaret of the Jara mosque in his ancestral home of Gabes, eL Seed decided to set out on this month-long personal journey across his motherland, painting lost walls along the way. This book provides unique and rare insight into the world of calligraffiti and the Tunisian people.

About the author:

eL Seed (born 1981) is a French-Tunisian street artist whose works incorporate traditional Arabic calligraphy, a style he calls ‘calligraffiti.’ His art was born on the streets of Paris, and now adorns walls across every continent. Incorporating elements of both the graffiti and Arabic calligraphic traditions, eL Seed is known for his unique style of calligraphy, which uses intricate composition to call not only on the words and their meaning but also on their movement, to lure the viewer into a different state of mind.

Published June 2014 by From Here to Fame


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