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Past the Margin: A Decade of Unkut Interviews

Robbie EttelsonAUD $70.00

505 pages
Size: 205mm X 135mm
First edition: 500 copies (hand-numbered)

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A collection of long-form interviews with rappers, DJs, producers, musicians and journalists who were involved in some of the key milestones in the history of rap.

Including a mix of material originally published on unkut.com, previously unseen follow-up sessions and six brand-new conversations that are exclusive to this book.

Foreword by Dallas Penn.
Edited by Dave Tompkins.
Illustrations by Theotis Jones.
Design by Milestone Workshop.

Table of contents:

01. DJ Kenny Parker
02. Mikey D
03. Joe Fatal
04. T-Ray
05. Keith Shocklee
06. DJ Vicious Lee
07. Dr. Butcher
08. LL Cool J
09. Silver Fox
10. Large Professor
11. The Mighty V.I.C.
12. Grand Daddy I.U.
13. Tragedy Khadafi
14. Prince Paul
15. Kool G Rap
16. MF Grimm
17. Spyder-D
18. Big Noyd
19. A.G.
20. Bobby Simmons
21. Lord Finesse
22. Al’ Tariq
23. The Rza
24. Schoolly-D
25. Duke Bootee
26. Keith Leblanc
27. Paradise Grey
28. Doug Wimbish
29. Harry Allen
30. Just-Ice
31. Bonus Beats

Published 2023 by Conservative Rap Coalition/ Unkut


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