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Public Domain – The Tunnel Issue

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128 pages
Size: 340 mm x 240 mm
Text: English
ISBN: 97888976400066

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To all those for whom Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth was not enough, we now recommend the Public Domain Book. This book also takes the reader underground and offers a colourful cross-section of what is happening beneath our feet.

The first issue of Public Domain delves deep underground to expose a myriad of tunnels, underground infrastructures and subterranean activities.

Through visual essays, original articles and graphics, the publication presents a cross-section of all things sous-terrain: from Hausmann’s grand plan for the Paris sewers, to contemporary graffiti writers who work below the city’s streets. From Naples’ ancient multiuse cave network, to the secret side of Moscow’s metro. From bone collectors and the cataphiles, to the beauty of the machines that bore into the ground. Tunnels are illicit and utopic; the places of tourism, shelter, parties and redevelopment; the sites of a sprawling underground imaginary.

[Produced by Andrea Caputo Architecture office and Research agency in Milan, each issue of Public Domain will explore a distinct element of urban space.]

Published 2014 by Whole Train Press


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