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SNACC BOSS Zine Volume 3

Raph RashidAUD $15.00

Features Julia Ostro, Tom Sarafian, Dani Valent & Peaches La Creme

64 pages
210 mm x 148 mm (A5 portrait)
Full colour
Limited run of 500 copies (hand-numbered)

Sold Out


Volume 3 of Snacc Boss – a tasty recipe zine by Raph Rashid, aka Raph Boogie, aka the Snacc Boss, aka the mastermind behind one of Australia’s first food trucks; Beatbox Kitchen (and the Taco Truck! AND Juanita Peaches, AND All Day Donuts), aka co-founder of Blank TM clothing brand, and aaakkaaayye author of ‘Back to the Lab’, a collection of photographs inside the home studios of prolific hip hop producers. Did we mention he was an emcee in Australian hip hop group Mnemonic Ascent? FACTS.

He got the dopest features: ☄️ Julia Ostro, Tom Sarafian, Dani Valent & Peaches La Creme.


“For the last few months, I have been doing all the preparation of food for the five trucks. I assumed the role with the idea to replace myself within a month or two BUT we just haven’t found the right person. It’s a unique role that requires a lot of attention, I’m scared most of the time that I have missed something! Or I haven’t done enough so I start most days at 5.30am and go thru to about 6.30-7pm. Today I have sent off a bunch of stock to Meredith Music Festival, this week has been real big. It dawned on me very early this morn that Beatbox Kitchen started at MMF 2009. that was the debut! I leaned against the prep bench and thought of my father, tears ran down, joy & accomplishment & gratitude & fuck yeah snacc boss he would be proud. Before I drive out to flip burgers all weekend I’m going to see my son Tyke djing at @hopestradio tonight, im so proud! I love u son. THIS little zine right here is everything to me and amongst the hard work of cutting fish & making 100’s of kilo of fresh salsa WE managed to make a NEW ONE! found the only sunny day in Nov to shoot with Michael, Tim & family at the park. The stories are mine and my friends, our travels & explorations of dishes & what they mean to us and our families. I HOPE YOU ENJOY SNACC ZINE 3.”

Published 2022 by Home Snack Network


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Weight 122 g
Dimensions 210 × 148 × 5 mm

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