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Todd James

Todd James aka REAS AOK, Rachel GreeneAUD $49.95

128 pages
145 colour/ 25 b&w images
Size: 220 mm x 152 mm
ISBN: 9780972592000

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Todd James belongs to a small, influential group of artists who acquired the earliest elements of their visual languages painting New York City subway cars, and in doing so altered an entire generation’s perception of urban letterforms. Filled with over 150 raucous paintings, drawings and signage, Todd James is a solid catalogue of work from the internationally known artist and designer. This small treasury is an irresistible compendium that highlights some of the artist’s best-known works from the last two years, as well as many exclusive works taken directly from private collections and sketchbooks. It is an intense, hilarious and wholly compelling window into the art of one of downtown New York’s most celebrated street artists.

Published January 2005 by Testify Books

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Weight 331 g
Dimensions 220 × 152 × 9 mm

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