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Uptown & Downtown : Old Skool Paintings on NYC Subway Maps

Alan BortmanAUD $65.00

128 pages
105 colour photos
Size: 305 mm x 228 mm
ISBN: 9780764350979

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New York graffiti writers who cut their teeth painting trains in the 70s and 80s transfer Old Skool graffiti art to a more permanent, collectible medium in this book, using transit maps, instead of subway cars, as canvases. GHOST, T-KID, QUIK, REVOLT, BLADE, SHAME125, COPE2, SKEME, and others decorated ordinary 23″ × 32″ MTA maps with their personal tags and graphics—echoing the heyday of New York train graffiti. Sixteen sections, one for each writer, feature a total of more than100 maps, as well as brief statements about the painters’ artistic evolution and style. Like a dynamic ‘piece book’, or sketchbook, this collection is an exclusive sampling of the painters’ signature strokes and tags in portable form. In fact, many of the artists featured here have used subway-map art as a springboard from the fleeting genre of train-tagging to the sturdier platform of the international art gallery circuit.

About the author:

Alan Bortman lives in the greater Boston area. He is the curator of DirtyPilot.com, an urban art and graffiti art store featuring well-known and underground artists.

Published August 2016 by Schiffer Publishing


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