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Vino TSK Gran Reserva Vol. 2 Book

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400 pages
210 mm x 297 mm (A4 landscape)
Text: English

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Gran Reserva Volume 2 is part of a life project. It’s the story of a Spanish graffiti writer (VINO TSK) who started his career in the early 90s with no idea how long it would last, with no specific goals, just for fun and as a way to escape from his daily problems. We will be able to understand how all these events forge the character of a teenager until 30 years later, becoming the person he is now.

Experiences, adventures and misadventures accompany every graffiti writer, and who better than his friends to tell those anecdotes and participate in this story.

An unusual retrospective in which the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning. The project will be completed in 2023 with the presentation of Gran Reserva Vol. 1.

Includes: Pietro Rivasi, Week FK, Ayer ROYALS, Ale VLOK, Mukie GRLS, Opak SDK, Shark TUF, Rage DSF, Moma FYL, Rukus OHB, Mser MW, Whel FAME, Esik, Keyo KGS, Allre FLIPAS, Black ADS, Toe, Afiler WCA-PW, Mueh MW, Stile VLOK, Finok VLOK, Runis REIS, Os Gemeos VLOK, Dey MW, Res MOD, Porno 031, Rud WCA-SABO-FY-DH, Exit, Atsok REIS, Egs CDC, Yokos TSK, Rallie TSK, Rioga PLAYERS, Robins ROYALS, Rocky TSK-HAWAII, Flus TSK, & Aryz MM.

Published 2022 by VINO TSK


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