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REACH OUT: Artillery Worldwide

Email Address: shop [at] artilleryworldwide.com

Postal Address: PO Box 3112, South Brisbane BC, QLD 4101, Australia

    *By sending us flicks, you give us permission to publish your photos on our website, social media accounts, or in printed publications.
    Please make sure photos are 300dpi, and hi-res. Min 2000 pixels wide for web and 4000 pixels + for print.

    Note: Apologies in advance if we don’t publish your efforts. While we’re sure you put in work, we can’t publish everything we receive. There’s only so many hours in the day, and sometimes our tastebuds just ain’t feeling up to the challenge. Keep your chin up, you’ll live to spray another day.


    Artillery is a global representation of graffiti and art culture. Founded in 2003, Artillery operates as a platform for the movement – deploying an arsenal of visual weaponry across several disciplines including book publishing, content creation, apparel, graphic design, and mural production.


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