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10x Interview Series – Dispatch #001

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image TASKE & LONDS – MIA Crew

Welcome to our new mini-interview series where we get inside the minds of our favourite graffiti writers, artists, and creators from around the globe.

In this fast-paced world, we know we need to slow down, but there are also times when we need to speed up. 10x is a quick hit of inspo and then you keep it moving, hopefully with a little more gusto than just moments before.

10x = 10 questions, 10 images, 10 minutes to read. Then it’s on to the next.

Read this, then go paint something…

TASKE MIA (aka ‘Yob Officials’) is a drawer, daydreamer, and thinker from Bondi Beach (Sydney), or as he puts it – “Bondi latte sipping Rooster”.

He’s now based in Newcastle, NSW – “’cos Bondi is now for wankers beyond even my capabilities”.

TASKE started with tagging around 1992. His first piece ticked off the ‘to-do list’ in 1996.

“Sometimes I put my drawings in places, and write on stuff that isn’t mine. I walk my dog and go bush when I can.”

He manipulates the letter form, giving it an aggressive stance. “I journey through the parameters of my word and explore variations of colours my word can be done in.”

“I write on shit… sometimes really badly. I spend time with people who like the same stuff and shed light on their shortcomings within this public setting. All in fun. I try not to step on toes, and lift those up around me, especially those coming into this culture, as I want it to keep being an outlet for the misfits in our society.

A troubled young kid from a broken home, TASKE found comrades on the streets and a name to make for himself. As he’s continued with that name and a few others, he has adopted this way of life as an outlet and coping mechanism to navigate this existence.

This is 10x TASKE. Lessssgooo!!

ARTILLERY: What is something about where you grew up (or your upbringing) that we might not know?

TASKE: I lived in LA (Los Angeles), in Pasadena, for 18 months in 95–96. I was 15.

I went to school on the edge of a pretty rough area called Altadena. We heard gunshots from school a couple of times. I hung out with a Hispanic brother named Elvis, who wrote BEWZR, and we mainly street-bombed a lot.

From memory, a dude who wrote OZIE had all the hectic highway heavens on the overpass bridges. Real gnarly spots he was hitting full-colour burners on. I was mind-blown by what he was doing and how he got there. As the story goes – he fell while doing one and was badly injured, but survived.

LA didn’t do much to sort out my behavioural issues. It did open my eyes further to graffiti and culture.

A: Tell us about the first time you painted outside.

TASKE: From memory, it was me and my boy WATER WFC. We were inseparable bombing partners, and one day we just walked up on this wall, which incidentally had a couple of pieces on it that we should not have gone over. We had zero idea.

It was chrome with a purple outline, ‘PHED’, with a lowercase ‘d’. I can picture it in my mind. It wasn’t much to behold, and it definitely didn’t cover what I was capping. Years later, I became friends and crew mates with the dude I went over. He became a dear friend and unfortunately passed away. RIP MONO WR.

We laughed over it – as he never even knew and barely remembered the spot.

A: What’s a big moment you thought, ‘why am I doing this shit?!’. Describe the moment, and tell us how you got through it.

TASKE: Man, look. I have been a raging pisshead all my life and have probably had half of bolivia up my nose. With that has come countless bad tags, bad graffiti choices, arrests, and just general ‘that guy’ behaviour.

On many occasions, I’ve tried to blame graffiti for my problems. The fact is – I was the problem. These days I don’t fuck with any of that shit; my life is good, my graffiti is fun, and I treasure the culture.

I have a solid crew (MIA). They are also brothers who walk with and support me. I’m blessed.

I know I can walk away from graffiti today, but I’ll always return because I am a writer.

On many occasions, I’ve tried to blame graffiti for my problems. The fact is – I was the problem.

A: On the flip side, please describe a cool moment when you thought, ‘damn, I love this shit!!’.

TASKE: Recently, I had a day with my crew where we hosted someone at a wall. It was just a fun day of banter, music, and graffiti. These are the moments when just the right amount of bullshit is flowing. No competition. Just love of culture and connection. Pearla!

A: What have you recently seen, heard, or read that inspired you?

TASKE: Well, this quote that brother TUNZ put next to a piece heavily affected me and has stuck to me like glue – “I will not teach you, I will love you. Love will teach you.”

It was pivotal for me and the change that has occurred for me.

“I will not teach you, I will love you. Love will teach you.”

A: What do you fear?

TASKE: Having to watch what the world becomes.

A: Top ten graffiti writers of all time?



Hell squad.

A: What did you have for breakfast?

TASKE: Muesli with banana, kiwi, blueberries, prunes, Yakult, and natural yoghurt. It’s the same most days.

A: Where is your favourite place in the whole world? Tell us why!

TASKE: At the moment, it’s Redhead Beach. I recently bought a dog into my life (another amazing first-time experience). We walk there first thing in the morning, and I love the feeling of my feet in the water as the early morning sun drenches my face. I’m a simple cat; I just don’t come across that way, LOL.

A: What does ‘style’ mean to you?

TASKE: Possessing the funk! This is something I talk about a lot in jest. However, there is a seriousness to it. The funk and swing of my own personal flavour in everything I do.

How I talk, walk, and dress, the colours I combine, and the shapes I create. Style is a lifestyle thing. Whatever I’m into, I add some style to it.

I’m not being arrogant, I’m just Taske, and I come with Taskeizms. These define my style.

There is also an element of letting go in style. I possess the funk, but I also possess a whole lot of insecurities. These can keep me rigid in what I’m designing and putting out into the world from fear of others’ opinions.

Age has been my friend. So has years of misadventure.

I now don’t care for what others think. I care more for what I do. What I can do. What it means to me and what I’m trying to say. All of these create the style, in my opinion.

I’ll never be perfect at anything, but I’ll Taske the fuck out of life. LOL. ❌

Keep up with TASKE on IG: @chriztaal_balls

Published: 15 November 2022
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