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There’s crazy stuff in the air in Western Europe at the moment. In this cultural melting pot that has been brewing for so many years on its own unique heat, there lies a rather large group of uber talented extra terrestrials that are redefining the art form as we know it.

Artists such as DASHE, ZEUS, RESO, MONSTER and of course our spotlight artist KATRE, are not only exploring new ways to apply paint to a surface, but are also using techniques that have been around since the early days… Tricks that all but disappeared with the advent of specialised graff paint, such as the “pull-back” technique. Those thin sketch-style lines that were seen as prehistoric in the ’90s and ’00s have found there way back into the artist tool kit. Combined with today’s fat cap flares and ultra crisp cutbacks, they add a dynamic to a wall that not only looks groundbreaking but also tips the hat to some of our earliest pioneers.

KATRE seems to go even further than this by making these old techniques seem like a new invention; taking crisp, clean public style lettering and cramming them full of funky fresh flavour –Vilenism.

More: Katre.fr

Published: 08 May 2012
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Proof that the youth are revolting.

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