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SHEP has been imbedded in the Australian tattoo scene for almost 14 years. He is a quiet achiever; a humble being most honourably consumed by his craft. While the spotlight tends to reach others more actively engaged in self-promotion, SHEP sits by tirelessly honing his skills.

SHEP first crossed over to aerosols in 2003, a move motivated by none other than Adelaide’s KAB101. He now represents a crew of local artists known as Toy Soldiers. When time is afforded aside from family and his work at The Body Art Shop, he enjoys freshening up walls with a unique and edgy approach to characters.

SHEP is revered as one of Adelaide’s most versatile and established tattooists, but clearly, he applies the same searing heat to his paintings. –Jamfingers.

More: flickr.com/photos/toysoldierscrew/sets/72157625742797830

Published: 29 May 2012
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Proof that the youth are revolting.

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