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imageCELLOGRAFF l’introduction

Parisian KANOS hits straight fire with a heavily graphic design oriented style. Letter structure often plays second fiddle to a barrage of unique back and foreground symbolism. Flowing liquid-like veins of colour play among the letters; pushing, pulling and contorting to provide the movement and depth that represents modern graffiti in a very different way to any conventionally Hip Hop inspired aesthetics.

Innovative to say the least, KANOS is also co-founder of the “Cello Graff” movement alongside ODV crew member ASTRO. Creating (seemingly) legal surfaces to paint on by using a bit of ingenuity and a whole load of Gladwrap… These Frenchies are onto it! –Vilenism.

Watch more videos of “Cello Graff” HERE and HERE.

– ikanografik.com
– cellograff.com

Published: 04 July 2012
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Proof that the youth are revolting.

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