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imageAdnate & Shida, Melbourne 2012

This spotlight has been a while in the making as it was put on hold due to ADNATE’s respectably heavy painting schedule. One can understand when viewing these works that this type of work not only demands a heavy commitment to execute, but brainstorming and pre-design must be ’24/7′.

It’s been some years since my last trip to the ‘City-of-Four-Seasons-in-One-Day’ so I contacted the lads at Burn Clothing late last year to see who was making waves down in old Melbourne city. ADNATE along with fellow crew mate SLICER are the names I received straight off the bat, and upon first sighting of their work I was really excited about running a spotlight or a possible interview for the Arteezy blog. Unfortunately they’d just been scooped by another mag…

With that out the way plus a fairly successful gallery project for ADNATE, six months later I can finally share his latest work with our readers. Included here as well is a great video of ADNATE in motion, for which I must take my hat off to the producer Michael Danischewski on a brilliant job. ADNATE’s work I believe respectfully, speaks for itself. I could talk about it for hours but the only word I will add for now is ‘ENJOY!’ –Vilenism.


Published: 04 September 2012
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