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DOES – ‘Magicwater’


Does’s latest video, ‘Magicwater’ showcases his exciting exploration of letterforms through the use of unconventional materials such as epoxy and wall fragments. Playing with depth and transparency, Does takes inspiration from raw walls, desolate buildings and moonlit train tracks, which are elements he has encountered as a prominent graffiti writer. We’re excited to see how this series of work will evolve.



What drives me is the desire to leave something behind. History should not be lost. This is almost at right angles with the transience of graffiti. After all, you never know if the mural you leave behind is still there the next day. 

In this specific piece I have processed fragments from a wall bordering a spot I used to frequent as a boy. That wall is the origin of my passion. 




Working with epoxy yet again offers many new insights and potentialities. I can join different materials with each other and I can process fragments of old walls in a totally new work. Hence also a bit of history is perpetuated. 


Directed by: Strictua
Artist: Does / Digitaldoes
D.O.P.: Marijn Van der Heijden & Miquel Steps
Editing & post – production by: Strictua


Published: 29 August 2018
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