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A short documentary dedicated to the career of this infamous writer from Copenhagen

imageSABE – “I’m Not Done Yet”

Danish stylewriting heavyweight SABE (FYS RIS XTC FK) is releasing a limited edition spray can with Montana Colors.

SABE is, without a doubt, one of the most important graffiti writers in Europe thanks to his long career, his consistent and intense activity, a versatility that allows him to be effective in the different facets of graffiti, and a unique creative virtuosity.

In anticipation of this special release, MTN has produced a short documentary dedicated to the career of this infamous writer from Copenhagen. Following SABE on a subway mission and a wall piece, the film features an exclusive interview in which he explains his origins, meanings and the motivation that powers his graffiti – with surprising sincerity.

In regards to the LE can, it’s adorned with SABE’s signature ‘SA’ throw up – the iconic letters sitting atop a raw silver base. It’s a release that we’re beyond excited about. And best believe we’ll be stocking it here on the Artillery web shop when it finally hits our shores later in the year.

We had SABE’s book ‘Still Around’ book in stock last month, it sold out super quick and we’re working on getting more copies in. Keep an eye out for both items to hit our shop over the next month or so.

SABE FYS – Instagram
Montana Colors Website

Published: 09 September 2022
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