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The Wild North Part Two

“The sun only comes up for about four hours a day.”

imageThe second adventure of Gooz & friends across Sweden

Gooz from Sydney had another wild adventure in the bitter cold of Northern Europe, painting a lot of fresh panels and making the most of it in spite of the extreme conditions.

“This video is part 2 of the series, starting off in Stockholm, Sweden and then traveling even further north into regional Sweden where the winters are long and cold reaching -20° with snow falling constantly and rivers freezing to ice. Even with conditions like this the locals are still out painting and getting shit done.” –GOOZ

“The next night we painted another back jump. We had to paint then run to the car and chase the train to get ahead so we could get photos. Driving at high speed on the frozen roads through Stockholm, we managed to just get ahead and catch a flash photo as it pulled across a bridge.”

Suss the rest of his story over at BSP Clothing.

Published: 02 November 2018
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