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Alcohol Makes You Invincible – 2ND Edition

dddddddumar Fukunovo aka Nov YorkAUD $15.00

104 pages
180 mm x 110 mm
Text: English
Editor: Theodor Ulrich Nordpol
Design: Anton Sokolowski
Cover: Marina Saanishvili

Second edition

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Alcohol Makes You Invincible by dddddddumar Fukunovo (a.k.a. Dumar Brown, a.k.a. Nov York) takes place where many twenty-first-century death cult stories take place, the post-apocalyptic now. The only difference in this rendition of the utopic post-human is that one race of people survive on the burnt out landscape–the very serious alcoholics. The heavily intoxicated survive on this radioactive surface by drinking their every waking hour. Does this come with happy ending? Can the drunks save the day and help to repopulate robust human life again or is life but one long frat party where you hide behind drink in order that you don’t have to make real connections with people and therefore save yourself from the pain of the relationship inevitably coming to an end?

Published May 2017 by Possible Books


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Dimensions 180 × 110 × 10 mm

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