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Bark at the Moon – Blake Kunin

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285 pages
Size: 318 mm x 235 mm
ISBN: 9780578346311

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Not since Subway Art has a photography book given such intimate public access to the underground world of graffiti vandalism. Bark at the Moon presents Blake Kunin’s seven-year blitz in action film photography shadowing graffiti’s most infamous nightcrawlers: ADEK, BK, CH, EASY, GOOG, GUSE, HOUND, LEWY, MALVO, MERCH, MQ, and more.

This book is a photographic documentation of graffiti’s secretive culture using stunning action shots of street vandalism, street fights, mobbing, and black book paraphernalia: a veritable bestiary of street savagery. Kunin’s film shot selection, darkroom developing, and meticulous book layout assures an intensity that escalates at the turn of every page.

About the author:

Blake Kunin (b. 1994) is an American photographer born and raised in San Francisco, California. He is known for his documentary-style photography. Blake lives in Brooklyn, New York where he works from his in-home dark-room processing film and making silver gelatin prints.

“Blake Kunin’s photos scare the living daylights out of me. My love of chaos and anarchy on the streets has been ongoing for decades. These photographs let me study, in comfort, the bold lines & gestures that still resonate with me to this very day with more urgency than ever.” -Barry McGee

About RAB Arts:

RAB Arts is a catalyst for cultural production, particularly in downtown New York. Headquartered in Tribeca, we are an interdisciplinary group of artists dedicated to creating opportunities for our peers, including exhibitions, publishing, public programming, and editions. Since 1999, we have participated in over 347 artistic programs, including major placemaking exhibitions that went on to define contemporary street culture.

RAB Arts founder Rob Cristofaro aka Rob1970 is known for his work with ALIFE – a pioneering streetwear brand that identified groundbreaking artists early on, including KRINK, Todd James, Kunle Martins-Irak, Jim Joe, and Dash Snow.

Published 2022 by New York RAB Arts Corporation


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