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Dream Scape

Minutes After DeathAUD $13.50

210mm X 150mm
40 pages – self-cover
Full-colour zine

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The latest full-colour photocopy zine from Minutes After Death.

40 pages
Full-colour magazine
Size: A5 (148mm x 210mm)

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Flicks, steel, 35mm, friends, artwork, nature & lifestyle

Featuring: @o3258_ @malo33hz , Tadar & Tulip, Ryan BTR, Seater, Wolse, Friz, Sekta, Agree, France, Wedge, Tiez, Jiso, Cluedo, Scarface, Lenske, Emc, Dvo, Bcardi, Kmart, Amigo, Eekas, Mck, Fusion, Sailer, Spike, Roske, CM, Tmf, Mps, Ugle, Joseph, Nwo


Minutes After Death – A Visual representation of a blip in universal consciousness.

The idea of minutes after death comes from the belief that in the minutes after you die you experience a phenomenon called “life recall” where you relive your memories in the space of 7 minutes.

This collection of life represents the minutes after death of the beings featured. What will yours look like? I suggest, fill them with art, rawness, love, struggle, creativity, and the life you really want to experience.

Fuck the system, the world is a playground, you’re not bound to the physicality of this world, as much as you might believe.

We are all spiritual beings, when you remember, after your death, you will think of this book, you will remember, this life doesn’t matter as much as you thought, we live in a more physical dream created by the universal consciousness, which is a part of every soul, and everything inside our minds, including, our physical reality, let go…

Full-colour Xerox zine from Brisbane, Australia.

Published March 2024 by Minutes After Death


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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 210 × 150 × 5 mm

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