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Frogger Hybrid Fat Cap

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Medium wide fat
Ranging from 1-15cm

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Why are we calling these ‘Hybrid’ fats? For a few reasons…

They mainly function as a fat cap, but they also have the ability to spray as a thin cap when pressure being applied is reduced. Additionally, they act slightly differently based on brand and valve type. On MTN products, Montana Gold and Black, Molotow/Flame, and most other European low-pressure valve brands they spray a soft, clean 10-12cm circular spray pattern. On brands with modular valves like Loop and Double A, they can spray up to 15cm in diameter.

Spray Type: FAT and THIN (1-2cm at their thinnest and 10-15cm radius, soft spraying, clean and solid circular pattern at their fattest)



Recommended Uses: filling in large areas quickly, outlining of large pieces, hand styles and flares

Compatible Brands:

-MTN HC and 94, Montana Gold/Black, Molotow/Flame, Double A, Loop, Kobra (basically any can with a Euro style female valve)
-Rustoleum Stops Rust, Rustoleum PT 2X, and Rustoleum American Accents male valve cans w/use of an Adapter (We recommend UPROK or Classic Adapters)
-Pre-360 Krylon
-American off-brands

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