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Ironlak Boombox Chisel Cap – Green

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Limited Edition Colourway
Adjustable line width
Chisel cap
Approx 5mm to 200mm

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SPRAYISM Limited Edition Boombox Caps are a special Jarnte Green colourway version of the ultra-popular Ironlak Ghetto Blaster Cap.

Available as a strictly limited release.

While the OG Ghetto Blaster has a clear body, the Boom Box cap has an opaque Jarnte Green body. The magenta fan jet on the Boombox is identical to the magenta fan jet on the Ghetto Blaster.

An ultra wide chisel nozzle with adjustable fan angles for more creative control. Gives you the ability to create thick or thin lines by adjusting the nozzle, or turning your can to an angle.

Great for calligraphy, filling in large areas fast, and any tricks that require a variable line width.

Surprisingly good for fading – giving a unique ability to paint a line (or shape) with a sharp edge on one side, and fading out on the other side of the same line. This is achieved when the spray pattern is held at the correct angle towards the surface.

This is a ‘male’ nozzle that is suitable for use on all Ironlak aerosol products and most ‘female’ valve spray cans.

Adjustable Line width: capable of lines widths between approx. 5mm to 200mm

Available in three limited edition colourways – green, purple, and blue.

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