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Molotow Coversall Dripstick 860DS (10mm)


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The Molotow Dripstick 860DS is more than just a squeeze marker. Due to its rear tank cap, the dripstick can be easily refilled and reused!

In combination with the highly-opaque CoversAll™ ink, this squeeze marker is an absolute must-have.

Whether larger areas on canvas or single drips: those who don’t have it, are missing something!

• alcohol-based
• special ink with synthetic bitumen
• glossy
• highly opaque
• permanent
• quick-drying
• for nearly all smooth surfaces
• for indoor and outdoor use
• Filled with: 70ml of COVERSALL™ signal black
• 10 mm highflow applicator nib

• can replace nib
• refillable (refill with ease from cap at bottom without need of taking out nib)
• Made in Germany

Check surface for compatibility before application.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 120 × 20 × 20 mm

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