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Moses & Taps: Post Graffiti

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320 pages
Hardcover with screen print
Size: 280 mm x 240 mm
Text: English & German
ISBN: 9783982291437

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“We’re bringing graffiti to the people again” wrote Code on a delivery van in the summer of 2023, highlighting exactly the trend that he set together with Moses and Taps, Otis, Futo and Thunder. A wave of no-longer-all-yellow delivery vans that first spilled over from Hamburg to Berlin and Dortmund and then spread throughout the country.

In the summer of 2023 full colour pieces on DHL delivery trucks suddenly appeared in Hamburg. Well-established writers like CODE, TAPS, FUTO, MOSES, THUNDER, or OTIS seemingly switched their painting activities to this uncommon medium. More and more trucks got painted within the next months and also cities like Dortmund and Berlin have been aim of this new phenomenon: POST GRAFFITI, a pun on the vaguely defined genre of graffiti beyond namewriting.

Unlike painted commuter and subway trains, objects with the highest regard within the graffiti hierarchy, the trucks often did not get buffed and many still run today. At the latest, when trainspotters started to hunt down the streets for new yellow ‘boxcars’ to eventually post them on social media, it was clear that something had changed in the reception and evaluation of the pieces and the surface they have been painted on.

In nearly 300 photos POST GRAFFITI – SIMPLY DELIVERED. compiles the project since 2023. Besides short quotes from talks with drivers, drone footage of the ‘lay-ups’, and action photos it contains atmospheric traffic shots by the writers, Edward Nightingale, Emmett Edelstein, and others. A short introduction and epilogue frame the picture book’s photographic content. The 320-paged high quality hardcover is the first publication on this topic and it leaves the audience curious if this is the begin of a new subgenre or just a short time trend within the history of namewriting.

Hardcover with screen print
320 pages, 130 g Munken Lynx 1.13
24 cm x 28 cm
Text: German/English
Weight: approx. 1730 g
ISBN: 978-3-9822914-3-7
Printed and bound in Germany


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