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NO TITLE by Gues

GUESAUD $42.95

Photos by Gues

120 pages
Size: 210 mm x 148 mm
Black and white digital printed
Packaged in throw up wrapping paper
+ Postcard
+ 2 Eggshell stickers
+ Handmade stamped sticker.

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ABOUT THIS BOOK (from the publisher – Hobo Books):

We are very happy to announce our next release ‘NO TITLE’ by Gues. The last two months we have been working hard together with Gues in order to build a new editorial piece together, with practically exclusive content. NO TITLE is not just an ordinary photo book, the French artist wanted to add an extra by showing a new series of pencil drawings on which he had been working in the last few months, using the images that appear in the book as a reference, and from this way to show us a new facet of him totally unknown.

Published 2022 by Hobo Books


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Weight 208 g
Dimensions 220 × 150 × 8 mm

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