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Stencil Cap 1mm (Gold)

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Create ultra-fine lines
1mm hole

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The Stencil Cap is a unique item that allows you to create ultra-fine lines by spraying the paint through a small ring placed on the outside of a normal cap.

Note: The colour donut must be removed from can for Stencil Cap to fit correctly.


1mm Stencil Cap™

The thinnest Stencil Cap™.

Best used paired with a low-pressure thin cap. ie. Gold Dot Skinny, Grey Dot, MTN Pro Thin, Montana Level 1

Works with MTN94, Alien, Ironlak, Belton Molotow, Flame, Sugar, Kobra, Dope, Klash, Σ80, & German Montana Cans.

Works only with female valve cans. Does not work with male valve cans.

Also available in 2mm & 3mm options.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 23 mm

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