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Uptown Spray Paint Mixer Kit

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Missing the perfect shade? Got scraps ya need to deal with?

Don’t lug all those near-empties to the spot, this Uptown spray paint mixing kit is the solution to your woes.

Equipped with different options for various spray paint brands, you can make any paint stash new again by mixing the contents of one can, into another.

Engineered from aluminium these mixing attachments are lightweight and durable.

Included in this kit:
-Export to Export
-Rusto to Rusto
-Ironlak to Ironlak
-Ironlak to Export

Machined in Australia.

Mix at your own risk! We take no responsibility if your face gets covered in paint, or your paint turns an unhealthy shade of poo brown. Do your own research people! No excuses for the lack of colour theory application here. And if you’ve never mixed before, you better ask somebody.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 g
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 6 mm

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