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WISP: Making Magic 1985–88

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The story of Melbourne graffiti king Wisp.

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The story of Melbourne graffiti king Wisp.

WISP was the first real king of the Hurstbridge line, taking out both the walls and trains. Everything he did was gold with his considered style and mastery evolving to make him one of the city’s best of the time. He hung up the cans in late 1988 leaving behind a street legacy and body of work that has largely been forgotten. This incredible time capsule and personal archive of work is now available – his story, and that of close bombing partners, finally shared and told through rich narrative and restored imagery. This is the old and gold Melbourne – where everything began. If you love Melbourne graffiti then this is a must have. Enjoy.

Wisp: Making Magic is lovingly crafted and proudly bought to you by Puzle.

A note from the author:

“Wisp was one of mv heroes. I wished that I could have been younger and cooler to associate, learn and paint with someone of his stature. He was local, he was talented, one of the first to do it, and he was prolific. The future of graffiti in Melbourne would have been very different without him. Wisp pieces had a magic to them, they blazed the Hurstbridge line and displayed a mastery of can control. They came in a diverse range of original letter styles and words, often with characters, intricate backgrounds and fill-ins. I was mystified by his work when I was a kid, hence this tribute book – a long lost treasure by one of the best style writers to grace the walls and trains of Melbourne. Respect.” –PUZLE

Published April 2023 by Puzle Press

Hard Cover
250mm x 250mm
108 Pages – Full Colour Gloss
Over 200 Old-School Images

ISBN: 978-0-646-87269-8

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Weight 650 g
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 13 mm

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