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Xplicit Grafx Magazine Vol 3 – Issue 2

Xplicit GrafxAUD $18.40

BATES AIO Denmark, WIRE VM France, SAN FRANCISCO Streets, MOSCOW Trains & Subways, STOCKHOLM streets

Size: 270mm x 210mm
138 pages
Softcover w/ spine
English & French text

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Something to amaze, dream about and make your ears flutter – XPLICIT GRAFX is definitely one of the top five mags on the market!

Issue #2 is the definitive proof. Images over double pages, high-quality flicks with lots of atmo and a healthy mix of everything makes the writer’s heart beat faster.

More than 2 images on a page is a real rarity and this fact definitely enhances the impact of the images! Also content-wise there’s a lot going on: BATES interview, WIRE special, rocking with his oldschool flavor styles from Paris and a report about SAN FRANCISCO streets, which goes along with the release of the ‘piece by piece’ DVD.

That in MOSCOW a lot goes, confirms a report, BIKER, BANOS and their colleagues have checked the situation in TOKYO and present their artwork created there. In addition, the makers met with the boys from DOKUMENT FÖRLAG (Overground 1+2) for a little chat. Of course, there is graffiti from all directions without end in the best quality.

Compulsory purchase!

Published 2006 by Xplicit Grafx, France


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Dimensions 270 × 210 × 8 mm

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