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Boundary-breaking graffiti writer CES53 from the Netherlands publishes a first-time overview of his artwork, embodying 40 years of work.

“Ces53 – CLOWN / MASTER MANIPULATOR / STYLE MASTER / BAD BOY / LEGEND / WRITER / ANARCHIST / FREAK / FOOL / BOUNDARY BREAKER / ARTIST” depicts a huge selection of Ces53, his artwork, drawings, paintings, sculptures, legal, illegal, shocking and beautiful. All are compiled in a 400-page full colour, hard-cover, bound book. With nearly 2,000 photos, he is probably the first graffiti writer to showcase such a large body of work in one object.

‘Being the first’ isn’t new to Ces53; he was the first to paint a train from left to right, top to bottom in the Netherlands, he was the one making train writing a true crusade in the Netherlands, he was the first to paint a train in Belgium, to most non-Germans he is the one that put Berlin on the map as a graffiti playground. Until we recently found out he wasn’t, but for 25 years we all thought that he was the first Dutchie to paint a train in New York. Ces53 was the first in jail for graffiti for longer than a night or two in the Netherlands.

He ignited train graffiti as a true belief and inspired the notorious MSN crew, and many others in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe to pour oil on the fire he started. Besides all the facts, Ces53 is a true original when it comes to authenticity and style; the shapes, the characters, the colours… it is all his own. His work from childhood until recent graffiti on trains is now available in a carefully designed book. With text contributions by Milk, Eras, Sento, Cat22 and many more.

Published 2022 by VINO TSK

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