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Fade Magazine – Issue Two


84 pages w/ spine
Size: 297mm x 210mm
Text: Italian & English
Bonus: Backyard Parking sticker

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“For the first time, however, I found myself facing the problem: what should I write? I was paranoid, they knew who I was, my tag was already associated with my name and last name. That was a strange period because I had slightly lost my identity, right? This graffiti thing where you should push your name, the name is everything, and I didn’t have a name anymore. I didn’t know what to write. I spent about two years writing bunch of crazy things and, among them, ‘Cuore’.—[Heart].—I hadn’t given it much importance but it was something related to the feeling, the passion, the fact I’m putting my heart in this thing. I stuck with that name, I liked the way it sounded, and the fact it’s almost like a sentimental concept, like ‘I’m not playing’. I put everything into this. It’s my life.”

FADE is a new, concept magazine that deeply explores the subject of writing culture by focusing on a single top writer for each issue, paying great attention to everything’s ‘around’ the pieces and publishing the result of a private conversation, an informal dialogue between two writers.

This second issue features one of the most dedicated Italian trainbombers around — Cuore, EYP.

Published September 2023 by Backyard Parking

Printed in Italy on recycled paper


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